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245 Jefferson Street

Monument, CO 80132

"Where Everything Gets a Second Chance"

We are a Non-Profit

We are a local non-profit that desires to see the people of our community support each other in ways that just one person could not do alone. At ACT II the community donates goods to sell, then the community shops here - generating funds that the proceeds from the sale of those goods are then disbursed back out into the Tri-Lakes region. It is in this process that many individuals come together to do a greater good for those in our community.

We at ACT II would like to thank Northland Community Church for allowing us to come under their non-profit status, enabling us to serve our Community.

 Direct monetary donations can be made by clicking the button above. You will be redirected to 

Northland Community Church web page.

1. Select Give    Online from menu

2. Click on Make a Donation

3. Select Quick Give

4. Enter Amount

5. Select ACT II in the drop down

6. Enter remaining information

7. Click Submit

Act II is supported by 40+ volunteers on a weekly basis. If you are interest in becoming a volunteer click the button above.

We at ACT II envision a community that values human dignity, promotes cooperative living, and is actively involved in making a difference in the lives of those living within our community.

Our mission is to facilitate a way that everyone in our community can combine their resources, time, abilities and love for where we choose to live in such a way that local financial needs can be offset by distributing our proceeds back into the community.